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Products Offering

Equities and Equities Derivative Product
  • Equities in all major stock markets
  • A wide range of Over-The-Counter Structured and Derivative Products
  • Listed stock options
Foreign Exchange Products
  • Spot; Forward; Margin Trading (available in major currencies and RMB)
  • Dual Currency Investments
  • Currency-Linked structured product
  • Foreign Exchange Options (Plain vanilla and exotic options)
Fixed Income
  • Asian Bonds (in both local and hard currencies)
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • Commercial Paper
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Government Bonds and Eurobonds
  • Leveraged Bond Portfolios
  • Perpetuals
  • Fixed Income Structured Notes and bond options
  • Interest Rate Swaps
Tailor-made Solutions
  • Our investment professionals are always on the look-out for timely products and strategies. Our product selection is regularly expanded to keep up to date with market developments. At the same time, on request, we can financially structure, customized products to meet specific client requirements.
Investment Funds
With our client-focused commitment to an open-architecture approach, a broad selection of Sarasin and third-party investment fund products suited to a variety of strategies is available:
  • Thematic Funds
  • Sustainable Funds
  • Alternative Investment Funds
  • Absolute Return Funds
  • Equity and Bond Funds
  • Segregated Fund Portfolio
Our fund specialists also provide portfolio advice and offer clients a wide selection of fund investments from reputable asset managers.
Discretionary Investment Management Services
  • For clients who prefer to delegate the day-to-day challenges of managing a portfolio of assets, we offer Discretionary Investment Management Services from Switzerland.
  • Each client has a choice of standard mandates (Defensive, Balanced and Dynamic) to suit their investment profiles. Personalised mandates can also be tailor-made to cater for client’s specific needs.
  • We regularly update clients with regard to asset allocation and the performance of their portfolios, and systematically review their investor profiles to ensure appropriate, customized allocation strategies on an on-going basis.